This sixth edition Standard book is bigger and better than ever. More pages, more models, more pictures!

See all the great Standard transistor radios including all thirteen Micronic Ruby models. Every single collectible Standard model is pictured! See big, bright full-color images of each radio. More than 110 images in all, covering all 69 collectible Standards! Great graphics too, including original Standard batteries, boxes, and much more. Lots of info, including model numbers, all known variations, dates, sizes, rarities, battery types, and accessories.

Learn about the connection between Standard, Marantz, Superscope, and Hitachi. See the extremely rare SR-F21 and SR-F31 transistor models, so rare they were unknown until just recently. You’ll even see some mini tube sets. Learn Standard’s model number code, too.

Most of these great radios are shown nowhere else. This is your only source for a complete listing and showing of all the fine collectible Standard transisistor radios. A terrific reference work . . . and a lot of fun!

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See all 69 great collectible Standard radios—up close and in FULL COLOR. Fine little book includes boxes, ads, much more. Includes all 13 Micronic Rubys, the ultra-rare SR-F21 and SR-F31, and even some mini tube sets. Learn about Standard's connection to Superscope & Marantz. See it here: