This completely new fifth edition book replaces all previous editions. All the pictures and text are completely new to this edition. There are several more pages and more models shown, covering all 126 collectible Sony transistor radios with more than 175 full color images!

See and compare all the Sony models, from the most popular to the rarest of the rare! See close-up details, period advertising graphics, boxes, manuals, earphones, original Sony batteries, and much more! Detailed text includes model numbers, dates, sizes, notes, batteries used, and lots of interesting facts.

First in Japan to produce a transistor radio, Sony was responsible more than any other company for Japan’s dominance in consumer electronics. A new and relatively small company at the dawn of the transistor era, Sony boldly led in technology, styling, and marketing.

The transistor radio is the key product in Sony history. No product was more essential in the success story of this multi-national giant than the little radios you’ll see gathered together only in this fine book, SONY TRANSISTOR RADIOS. Get it today!

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All 126 collectible Sony transistor radios are here in FULL COLOR —over 175 big, clear, detailed photos. No transistor radio collection is complete without this comprehensive guide to Sony's transistor radio history. With model numbers, dates, and notes. See it here: