THE REGENCY TR-1 FAMILY covers the Regency TR-1 transistor radio and related models in full color.

Continuously in print since its first edition in 1994, this is the newest edition. Even if you already have the old black and white version, you’ll appreciate the crystal clear color photos and the updated info in this new edition.

See Regency models in green, mahogany, yellow, coral, turquoise, pearlescent pink, and more— all up close and in full color! See the original TR-1 color brochure in its entirety, original TR-1 boxes, and the original owner’s manual. See the rare Bulova 250 transistor in both plastic and leather— in the box!

All three Mitchells are here too, and the original Mitchell box. Even the ultra-rare Mantola box is here along with a juicy red Mantola! There’s a close-up look at the inside of one of the earliest TR-1s ever found, and an original Regency artist rendering of a pre-production TR-1 showing the prototype dial. You’ll also see an original Regency brand 22 1/2 volt battery and the Regency earphone for the TR-1. See the different leather case styles Regency used, too, and even the boxes the cases came in. Vintage advertising too! Lively text discusses all known variations, manufacturing date codes, accessories, and rarities.

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The Regency TR-1 Family tells all about the world's first transistor radio and related collectible radio models. In full color with superb photos documenting the TR-1 inside and out. Discusses and shows variations, date codes, accessories, rarities, vintage ads, much more. See it here: