This photo guide shows all 59 collectible Realtone and Soundesign transistor radios, each one pictured in glorious black & white. Most aren’t shown anywhere else.

From the earliest G-401 and TR-701 Realtone models, right up through the mod Soundesign radios of the 1970s, you’ll see them all. Plus you’ll learn about the many Realtone model and name variations that keep collectors guessing. With model numbers and notes and lots of trivia. All the known Realtone logos are here too (and there are plenty)!

The Realtone brand has morphed into today’s iHome brand. But it is with these radios that they got their start back in the dawn of the personal electronics era—with the granddaddy of all personal electronics, the transistor radio.

This is one of the few remaining black & white books from Eric Wrobbel’s early efforts at documenting the transistor radio collecting hobby. While not a thing of beauty like his color books, it’s still a valuable collector resource. Don’t miss it!

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This little photo guide is packed with all 59 collectible Realtone and Soundesign radios— some of the most collectible transistors in the antique radio hobby. See and learn about the many Realtone name, number, and logo variations. With model numbers, notes, and lots of trivia. Black and white. See it here: