VINTAGE MICRO TRANSISTOR RADIOS features ALL 42 of these terrific little radios— all in full color! The early and mid 1960s was the golden age for the micro radio. Now in this book they are all gathered together for the first time. What a remarkable group they are!

Of course you’ll see the first Standard Micronic Ruby, all the rare AM/FM models, all four of the beautiful Sony models including the integrated circuit models. You’ll see radios from Airline, Belair, Juliette, Fantavox, General Electric, Lloyd’s, Magnavox, CBS Masterwork, NEC, Nobility, Orion, Panasonic, Philco, Realtone, Sears, Truetone, Viscount, and Vornado. All 13 Standard micros too!

What you won’t see are the “mini” radios or the earphone-only radios. This book is exclusively devoted to the tiny, full-featured, genuine micro radios.

Each is shown in big, bright full-color photographs, many life-size and some even larger! More than 80 images in all. See original batteries, boxes, brochures, vintage advertising, and much much more. Lively text all about these wonders of vintage technology, including all known variations, rarities, measurements, dates, and accessories.

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ALL 42 micro transistor radios are here in this fine book. More than 80 images—and all in full color. Many of these classic radios shown life-size or larger! With colorful boxes, accessories, vintage ads, and micro transistor radio history. Includes model numbers, dates, notes. See it here: