The Global and Zephyr transistor radios are some of the most beautiful consumer products ever made.

Collectors and design enthusiasts will love this fine book about these marvelous radios. All the great collectible Globals and Zephyrs are included and shown. All 77 fabulous radios are pictured, 113 full color images in all! Most of these radios are shown nowhere else!

This is your only source for a complete listing of all collectible models and every single model is pictured! Learn about the many variants of the GR-711 and ZR-620 models, among others. And learn about the connection between Global, Constant (Jupiter, Windsor), and Aiwa. Includes model numbers, notes, facts and figures, and lots of trivia.

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WOW! Here's the latest, full color edition featuring 77 fabulous collectible radios by Global & Zephyr. 113 images in all. Some of the most beautiful consumer products ever made! With model numbers, dates, measurements, and tons of information and detail. See it here: