See all the fabulous Continental radios—their great tube portables as well as their earliest plug-in transistor models. The rare 150 and 160 models are here, of course, the beautiful TR-632, the rare TR-751, the “plaid” TR-683, and so much more!

Very useful to collectors for identification of all the Continental models and also for anyone interested in vintage atomic age design. Every item is pictured— all 49 of the great little radios from Continental!

This comprehensive book is filled with big, crystal clear full color photos of the radios. More than 73 images in all! With model numbers, dates, size references, notes, batteries used, and lot of interesting facts and figures. Lots of period graphics too, and even authentic Continental illustrations culled from original sales literature.

A visual treat!

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See all 49 of the great little radios from Continental in this fine book. Transistor and tube, this popular brand made some terrific vintage radios. In full color with big, high-quality pictures —over 73 images! With model numbers, sizes & lots of info. See it here: