See all 67 of the greatest transistor radios made in the USA. Many are shown life-size and every one in full color. Everything from cute little kit radios to a life-size pearlescent pink Regency TR-1, the world’s first transistor radio. Lots of colorful boxes and illustrations, too.

You’ll be amazed at the beauty of these classic American transistor radios. And you’ll get some interesting insights into the real reasons Japanese firms came to dominate consumer electronics.

A Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, has written some popular books about “disruptive technologies,” in which he cites the transistor radio as a prime example.

Reviews of Christensens books state that the first transistor radio was a Sony (wrong), that early transistor radios were of poor quality (wrong again), and that American manufacturers laid down and died in the face of Japanese competition. Wrong, wrong, wrong! This author’s ideas are said to be very influential among entrepreneurs. Mr. Entrepreneur, I’d be very careful putting real money on the line until you get the facts. Get AMERICAN SHIRT-POCKET TRANSISTOR RADIOS and learn the real transistor radio story! A fun read. With model numbers, dates, notes, and a price guide.

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American Shirt-Pocket Transistor Radios features 67 of the all-time greatest pocket transistor radios NOT made in Japan. Many shown life-size and all in color. You'll get an interesting perspective on how Japan came to dominate consumer electronics in this fine little book. With model numbers, dates, and notes. See it here: