This is the latest (2006) edition of the hobby’s favorite crystal radio book originally published in 1997. In this edition are bigger, brighter pictures with more detail than ever before. And much more information about these cute little radios. You’ll see many more illustrations too!

Whether you already have an older edition, or don’t yet have this book at all, wait no longer. This terrific book contains well over 100 images featuring over 70 of the cutest little crystal radios you could possibly imagine from 1929 to 1966.

What’s inside? Fun! All kinds of rocket radios, tiny table models, pocket models, and all sorts of novelty radios from the golden age of the toy crystal radio.

All are pictured in full color. Many colorful boxes and illustrations, too. Well documented with model numbers, dates, sizes, and lots of info about these great little radios!

This volume, Volume One, is completely different from Volume Two!

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Totally different from Volume 2, this is the original Volume One, updated recently with more graphics and brighter, clearer pix. Rockets, table sets, pocket radios, and other antique radios in full color from 1929 to 1966. Boxes, graphics, model numbers, dates included. Color. See it here: